Searching for Knowledge: Guide to Spotting Klansmen, Neo-Nazis, Racist Skinheads, and Other White Supremacists








I find it funny that both Jews and Nazis use numerology to mean different things. I was aware of both trends separately, but it’s interesting to see them compared. Also, a useful catalog of symbols if you think someone might be a racist/neo-Nazi/white supremacist.

this is from 2013 so it’s really old news but did anyone else know this?? because i didn’t…

also massive trigger warnings for nazism, death, violence, holocaust, etc

i have messages in my inbox that i want to get to, but i can’t yet because I’m on mobile and i hate answering messages on the app. so I’m not ignoring you i promise

i’m still so mad that people can barely show solidarity with jews.

as someone who has spent the past few years educating myself and trying to learn as much as possible, i have followed countless blogs ran by people from different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. i have listened and paid attention to everything these blogs were saying. i have learned and grown so much as a result of simply listening to different people and absorbing as much as i can. the person i am now is a much better person than i was a few years ago when i first joined tumblr (as corny as that sounds).

and now, there’s people saying the only reason they don’t talk about antisemitism or anti-jewish hatred is because they don’t follow jews or they don’t know where to begin, and i call BULLSHIT on that. by that logic, since i am a jew, i would only follow jewish blogs. i would only follow jews and only know anything about jewish issues. so how was i able to find blogs ran by all different people? how was i able to discover these bloggers and learn about cultural appropriation, racism, stereotypes, history, and other cultures in general? i’ll give you a hint: IT’S BECAUSE I CARED ENOUGH ABOUT OTHER GROUPS OF PEOPLE TO SEEK OUT THE INFORMATION I NEEDED TO BECOME A BETTER AND MORE AWARE PERSON.

you do not care about jews. you do not care about our experiences. YOU ARE NOT LISTENING AND YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. YOU ARE NOT SEEKING US OUT AND ASKING US IMPORTANT QUESTIONS AND ENGAGING US. YOU SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. you have no excuse whatsoever. you could become aware of antisemitism, judaism, jewish culture, history, and all of that stuff if you simply made the basic effort to become aware. i won’t stop being angry until more and more non-jews start making this effort, but i guess i’ll just have to be angry for a while.

while i am not the expert person to comment on this, as a white & jewish person myself, i will add to that anonymous comment that it is ignorant to not recognize one's whiteness even if one is also jewish. where does it leave jews of color who can be victims of both racism AND antisemitism? i understand that we all self-identify but know that if you are a white (&jewish) person you WILL receive preferential treatment whether you like it or not. we need to be conscious of that in our communities —by thesecretwordisbosco

yes, and obviously i am aware of all that… but do people actually think my url is serious? like do people think i genuinely say “i’m not white i’m jewish” in my daily life? like i said, if it is really that offensive i’ll change it but i was kind of under the impression that everyone knew it was a joke. this url isn’t me ignoring the privileges that i do have idk if that’s how it comes across or…

"i'm not white i'm jewish" are you kidding. how many times to jews of color have to explain to you why that's invalidating and fucked up. how can you keep that title in good conscience jfc —by Anonymous

no one has said anything to me and if it’s seriously offensive I’ll just change it to something else


posting this for other jews who struggle with disordered eating. i’m planning on working with some of these suggestions for my yom kippur observance this year. 

like i don’t know about you guys but i probably only have like 3 or 4 non-jewish followers on this blog? there’s only one i saw that actually liked and reblogged (some of) my stuff. i wish i could get more non-jewish followers, but then i remember that to most people, jews are automatically zionists and to even get them to consider following me i would have to present myself in the most non-zionist, anti-israel way as possible — and that’s what’s really bullshit to me. yeah there are some really shitty zionists here, but does that mean their opinions on antisemitism and their experiences as jews is somehow invalid? i think at this point i’ve made my stance on israel pretty clear and that i fully support palestine but even then i know there is still a lot of wariness about jews. i know that when people see jewish social justice blogs there is a sense of doubt or fear, because they’ve had some bad experiences with jews (because a few people are representative of a whole group you know) or because all we do is exaggerate about antisemitism and a whole bunch of other bullshit. but i think when you consider the fact that jews are not fully privileged and are oppressed, the negativity should not be directed at us but people who are nazis, white supremacists, etc. but i don’t know, this was just a lot of rambling.

what’s really sad about non-jewish bloggers never blogging about antisemitism is that the excuses are usually all the same: “i don’t follow any jewish people”, “i don’t think it’s my place”, etc etc. and while i’m glad people are at least trying to be mindful of jewish spaces, they are being so extremely mindful that they completely avoid talking about antisemitism at all. if you’re not jewish, you are allowed to post about antisemitism as long as it’s done appropriately; in fact i encourage you to do that. 

a lot of things that happen in the jewish social justice sphere of tumblr rarely ever make it to the mainstream social justice sphere (by mainstream i mean blogs that include “everyone” and are pretty all-encompassing). i don’t understand why jews are never engaged when it is literally so easy to find bloggers who look like they’re a good source. i don’t understand why there are a million excuses for not talking about antisemitism when you can search “antisemitism” on google news and have multiple news sources there. it is really inexcusable at this point.

solidarity with jews as a marginalized group of people should not depend on individual stances on israel. some jews support israel, some do not; neither deserve to be victims of antisemitism any more than the other. 

You're right, they haven't actually shot rockets on Israel. Oh. Wait. "Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims. " and " Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors." aren't direct quotes from the Hamas charter, which were elected by the Palestinian people. Oh wait. (note the sarcasm). —by awesome112358

i don’t understand what you’re being so annoyed about. because i support palestine? i never said i supported hamas, just that i don’t think they’re actually capable of destroying israel. just because some people say they’re going to do something to israel doesn’t mean they’re gonna come in and take it out in one sweep. i don’t really get this whole notion that israel i just a little baby country that won’t be able to keep itself protected and be so easily destroyed. 

remember when i tried running a blog to reclaim the jewish tags? i thought, every other group of people does this so why not jews? and then i got a message saying i was a zionist who supported israel. yay antisemitism

How to be a good ally to your Jewish friends


  • Punch anyone who denies the Holocaust happened. Punch them right in the fucking face.
  • Be sure to punch neo nazis especially hard
  • actually talk about antisemitic violence cuz a lot of y’all aren’t doing that



this isn’t a jewish issue but did you see that PETA is offering to pay the water bills of Detroit families, only if they commit to going vegan for a month?

i’m only posting this because i got into some debates with some radical vegans a couple months ago, not only…

Just like to add, directed at OP: PETA is disgusting and gross and if you think all veg*ns love them then you have clearly never actually talked to us.

okay well I’m a vegetarian so